Beware, Residents of Suffolk and Nassau County: Your Cybersecurity is Not Up to Par

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Suffolk and Nassau County, It’s Time to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity with These Four Questions

Living in Suffolk and Nassau County, NY? It’s time to question the level of cybersecurity protection you’re currently getting from your IT provider. 

Recent alarming incidents at Henry Schein Inc. and within Suffolk County itself reveal a concerning pattern: our region’s cybersecurity defenses are falling dangerously behind.  

Henry Schein Inc. Hit by BlackCat Ransomware 

On October 14th, 2023, a major ransomware attack by the BlackCat hacker gang hit Henry Schein Inc., Long Island’s largest publicly traded healthcare company. This breach, compromising sensitive data and disrupting operations, highlights the vulnerability of local businesses on Long Island.  

Suffolk County’s Ransomware Nightmare 

In a separate but equally alarming event, Suffolk County suffered a ransomware breach revealing severe security lapses. A year before detection, cybercriminals exploited a patchable vulnerability in the county clerk’s office, undetected for a year. The cost? A staggering $3.4 million for restoration, $2 million for investigations, and significant operational disruption spanning weeks. 

The New York Times: How a Cyberattack Plunged a Long Island County Into the 1990’s 

Human Error Exacerbated the Crisis 

Leadership missteps played a critical role. The clerk’s IT head, Peter Schlussler, worked without sufficient oversight, leading to missed vulnerabilities. County Executive Steve Bellone criticized Clerk Judith A. Pascale for misplaced trust in Schlussler, who admitted their attempts to enhance cybersecurity were hindered. 

The Harsh Reality for Long Island Residents and Business Owners 

These incidents are dire warnings. Both public sectors and businesses in Suffolk and Nassau Counties are vulnerable due to outdated cybersecurity practices. 

  • Reasons for Concern: 
  • Rising Threats: Hackers have identified our region as an easy target. 
  • Lagging Defenses: Most Long Island businesses have inadequate cybersecurity measures in place, lagging behind industry standard. 
  • Financial and Operational Risk: These breaches have costly repercussions from recovery costs to extended business downtimes.

What Can You Do? 

  • Question Your Providers: It’s vital to ask how your IT service providers are protecting your data. 
  • Stay Informed: Awareness of the latest cybersecurity threats can help you be more vigilant. 
  • Demand Better Protection: Advocate for improved cybersecurity measures in your workplace and local government.

Questions Your IT Company Should Be Able To Say “Yes” To  

The cybersecurity situation in Suffolk and Nassau Counties is not just disappointing; it’s alarming. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your operations, and its reliability directly impacts your success. That’s why it’s crucial for your IT services provider to answer these four questions with a resounding “Yes” and show you proof that these protections are truly in place.  

  1. Can You Monitor our Network and Devices for Threats 24/7?
  2. Can You Access my Network Remotely to Provide On-the-Spot IT Support to my Team?
  3. Can You Ensure All Our Data is Backed Up AND Secure?
  4. Can You Keep Our Network Protected with Up-to-Date Malware Solutions, Firewalls, and Web Filtering?


If your current IT provider cannot confidently respond with a “Yes” to any of the critical questions with adequate proof, it’s time for a change.

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