The Danger of Free Wifi Motiva

Using free Wifi and Hotspots comes with security risks, it’s because of the high number of people that uses them daily that makes it very appealing for hackers and Cyber Criminals.

Hackers can target devices that are connected to the Wifi or the router directly, once this is done all the devices would be compromised.   

Information you risk exposing to hackers: 

Usernames and passwords that can be used for online banking, social media, emails, online shopping.


How does it work?

There are different ways on how this can harm you and cause danger to your information:


  • MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE Attacks 

The hacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other.  


  • Rogue WiFi Networks 

A hacker sets up a fake network that masquerades as a legitimate network to steal information from unsuspecting users who connect to it.  


  • Packet Sniffer 

A sniffer program used by hackers which targets packets of data transmitted over unsecured WiFi 


  • Social Hacking 

Hackers can leave a malicious USB drive on a café table for an unsuspecting, curious customer to insert it into his or her device. The hacker can then capture sensitive information on the device through malware.

How to prevent it and stay safe on Public Wifi and Hotspots? 

Knowing everything that you do now, always remember that public Wifi and hotspots are popular targets for hackers, it’s better to avoid using them, but if you must use it, please, keep in mind these recommendations on how to stay safe and prevent the security risks.