FBI issues warning about fake refund or payment portals disguised as if from legitimate financial institutions.

On November 10th, the FBI released a public service announcement that scammers are now using techniques that impersonate financial institutions – like JP Morgan Chase.  

Victims will be tricked via email, call, or text by hackers pretending to be representatives.  

“Within the body of the email, the scammers will indicate the specific service to be renewed with a price commonly in the range of $300 to $500 USD, provoking a sense of urgency in the victims to contact them and provide information for a refund,” the FBI said. 

While this type of scam is not new, the FBI states that new methods are being implemented such as displaying fake payment portals that look legitimate. They can be deployed through Windows environments and scripts right on victim’s own computers.  

Victims are then coerced into providing personal information like a social security number, or payment information such as from a credit card or banking details. Hackers then use that information to steal victim’s data or money from bank accounts.

Ways to help protect yourself online:
  1. Do not give remote access to computer or devices to unknown persons

  2. Do not send wire transfers based on instructions from people on the phone or online

  3. Verify information by calling institutions directly from publicly listed phone numbers or contact information

  4. Implement 2FA / Multi-factor Authentication on your devices and banking log in portals

  5. Regularly monitor your bank accounts and credit reports for unauthorized activity  

Victims of cybercrime should report any activity to the FBI through their IC3 website portal Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) | Home Page  

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