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Ransomware gang BlackCat claims hack on NJVC, US defense contractor

ALPHV, also known as the hacker group BlackCat, has claimed alleged responsibility for breaking into the US Defense Contractor firm NJVC.

“We strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss your situation. Otherwise, the confidential data in our possession will be released in stages every 12 hours. There is a lot of material,” BlackCat attackers said.

The hacking group claims they “have a lot of material” from the data breach on the defense contractor NJVC, however NJVC has not responded yet.

BlackCat came online around 2021, with the group claiming responsibility for over 60 major cyberattacks since that time. They use the Rust Programming language primarily.

“By using a modern language for its payload, this ransomware attempts to evade detection, especially by conventional security solutions,” Microsoft reported.

BlackCat has been one of the most active cybercriminals and ransomware gangs to date. According to cyberanalyst ANOZR WAY, 12% of all attacks in 2022 came from BlackCat.

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware was recently used to attack the University of Pisa where they demanded that the university pay a random of $4.5 million Euro for the release of encrypted data that they stole. They have already threatened to destroy data if they ransom is not paid.

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